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Childcare Enrollment Form

The goal of Silva's Youth of Today Childcare Learning Center is to provide quality childcare, as an essential beginning to a healthy development and education, available to children and families of all racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds living in the community.

Emergency Information Form

Enrollment From

School Readiness

Parent/Guardian Authorization

For the Administration of Non-Prescription Topical Medications by Child Care Personnel

Early Childhood Health Assessment Record

(For children ages birth – 5)
To Parent or Guardian: In order to provide the best experience, early childhood providers must understand your child’s health needs.

Authorization for the Administration of Medication by School, Child Care, and Youth Camp Personnel

In Connecticut schools, licensed Child Care Centers and Group Care Homes, licensed Family Care Homes, and licensed Youth Camps administering medications to children shall comply with all requirements regarding the Administration of Medications described in the State Statutes and Regulations.

Tuition Express Form

Automated Payment Processing