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Welcome to Silva's Youth of Today

We bring you a warm welcome from Silva’s Youth of Today Childcare Learning Center. Founded in 1993, we are one of the largest private owned Childcare Centers in the East Hartford area.

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The things that make us great

About Our Learning Center

We like to think that Silva’s is a place that children and adults consider their second home…a place where they are accepted and loved…a place where laughter and play are cherished…a place where children’s creativity is captured and given a warm response.

We hold special pride in our center’s professional staff. Selected for their knowledge of early childhood experiences as well as their strong interpersonal skills, they are the strength of our program. When visiting Silva’s, please take time to listen, to watch, and to learn from this unique group. You will be enriched.

Child Development

Our overarching, long-range early childhood goal is to provide a warm, responsive environment that supports respects and accommodates children’s individual learning styles, abilities, gender, culture, language, ethnicity and family composition.

Educational Services

Our teachers will provide children with meaningful, active, play-based learning experiences that will nurture their growth in all aspects of development, social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs.

Social Relationships

We work to help all children and their families achieve the following goals: • To make friends and play cooperatively with others. • To feel accepted and appreciated as an important member of the group.

Family Support

Our Family Support Services were designed to provide opportunities for parents to enhance their parenting skills, knowledge and understanding of the educational and developmental needs of their children.

What we Offer

Silva's Youth of Today Programs

Our programs take the lessons and ideas from the classroom and bring them into the playroom, so your child can understand concepts on the most fundamental and deepest levels.

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